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BeneFactors Ltd. is a specialised, non-bank financial institution, established in 2017 with the mission to promote private sector development in Rwanda. We are a for-profit company, registered with RDB, and we are a certified investor under the 2015 investment code. BeneFactors Ltd. offers specialised financial services supporting firms to shorten their cash cycles. Our services fill a specific gap in the Rwandan financial sector concerning working capital products and we seek to be the growth partner of choice for Rwandan firms, supporting the Rwandan economy prosper.


We know that for many people, understanding financial products can be challenging and we take our ethical responsibility towards our clients very seriously. Therefore, we aim to be as transparent as possible and we tailor each deal to the needs of the individual firm.

Sara Oon

Sara is our CFO with over 8 years of experience in financial management, investing, and fundraising. Previously, Sara served as the Global Head of Finance at Sokowatch, where she managed financial operations, reporting, budgeting, compliance, and fundraising. Before that, Sara was the Co-Founder and Partner of NISK Capital, an East Africa-focused financial advisory firm. At NISK, she oversaw investment due diligence, valuation, investor sourcing, and terms negotiation. She was also previously worked at Morgan Stanley, where she worked on transactions in manufacturing, healthcare, FMCG and technology. Sara has received an MBA from UC Berkeley and a BSc in Operations Research and Financial Engineering from Princeton University

Clement Uwajeneza

Clement Uwajeneza is widely considered as the best technologist in Rwanda and one of the best in Africa: As the former CEO of the award-winning e-Government platform Irembo and more recently as the country director for Andela, Clement brings 15+ years’ experience in building and leading tech companies

Olivia Bryanne Zank

Olivia is the company CEO and founder. She has a background in economics and financial development and previously worked as a Policy Advisor to the Minister of Trade and Industry in Rwanda. She has worked for four years in medium-sized enterprise finance in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. She holds an MSc in Political Economy with financial specialisation from SOAS.

Mireille Tesire

Mireille works as a Marketing Officer for BeneFactors Ltd. She has her bachelor’s degree (International Business) from Mount Kenya University

Victor Abizeyimana

Victor is our full stack software developer with 4 years of experience in JavaScript, Python. He is most interested in the Artificial Intelligence, Music, and Art. In his spare time, When Victor is not working, you can find him playing Piano/Guitar or watching movies.

Jani Moliis

Jani is BeneFactors’ Co-Founder and a board member. He has extensive experience from over 10 years working with McKinsey & Co, Deloitte and Accenture, as well as several years working as an advisor in Rwanda’s public sector. He holds an MSc in Political Science from the University of Helsinki.

Patrick McSharry

Patrick joined as a co-founder late 2018, bringing over 20 years’ experience in applied mathematics and data science. He is a professor of data science at Carnegie Mellon University, and has been a senior research fellow at Oxford University since 2000, specialising in risk analysis, machine learning and the analysis of human behaviour. Since 2015 he has been based in East Africa, exploring the region’s particular data availability (and scarcity), conducting innovative research to get around the African data challenge and is currently also the Director for the African Centre of Excellence in Data Science.

Thierry Ishimwe

Thierry Ishimwe is our Account Manager. Prior to joining BeneFactors, he worked as a Traffic Safety Officer at HNRB, and as an Account Officer at GTBank Rwanda. He is a graduate from School of Finance and Banking in Rwanda

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