BeneFactors’ role in fighting Covid-19

Our lives have all changes radically in the last few days. Mornings in Kigali are very different than just a week ago – no rush hour traffic, no school children marching towards their classrooms, no cleaners sweeping the streets. For most businesspeople, it’s a stressful time, wondering how long can we survive like this? For everyone though, the anxiety about the virus and Rwanda’s healthcare system’s ability to treat everyone infected is real and we are all forced to live with this anxiety on a daily basis.

When BeneFactors was founded in 2017, it was done so on a commitment to being a positive influence on the community around us and now we need positive influences more than ever. We are not healthcare professionals and can’t help patients recover, but we do have a team of strong finance and business experts, and we can provide working capital in just a few days. In times like these, working capital can actually be the deciding factor on whether a patient gets the best possible treatment or not. Here is how:

Having adequate medical supplies available for healthcare professionals saves lives. We have seen hospitals in Italy and the UK struggle with a lack of supplies, especially incubators, and we do not want that to happen in Rwanda. The Rwandan government has increased their healthcare purchasing significantly, which is exactly what is needed in these times, but can their suppliers cope with the volumes? What happens if a supplier doesn’t have the working capital to deliver on time? Could lives be lost because a supplier failed due to lack of working capital?

This is where we come in.

To prevent any supply-related problems and to support Rwandan business survive this crisis, we are shifting our entire focus to the healthcare system. A lack of working capital anywhere in the system should not be a reason for any Rwandan to not get the lifesaving treatment they need, nor should it be a reason for any company to not take that business-saving contract that will ensure that we have jobs on the other side.

Therefore, if you are a supplier to RBC, we are here for you. If you’re a whole seller of medicine;  if you need working capital to import lifesaving masks and incubators; if you run a pharmacy and need working capital to restock your shelves, we are here for you. We can turnaround an application in a matter of days and we guarantee that you will not wait more than 5 days to get the cash in hand. All you need is an invoice from a medical institution or otherwise be part of the Covid-19 response, then we do the rest.

We all have a role to play. Providing quick working capital is ours.

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