Trattoria – Bar & Restaurant

Trattoria is an Italian restaurant and bar in Kigali that is often buzzing with customers. Emani is the current owner of Trattoria and manages the restaurant, bar, catering company and café. He supplies to the government and many other sectors.

Before being referred to BeneFactors Ltd. by a family member, Emani was experiencing bad relations with his buyers as they would delay payments by 3-4 months. For instance, an agreement was signed with a water supply company to provide food for the employees, however, because of the buyer’s bureaucracy issues, Emani was not being paid for months and months at a time. He found himself in a position where his employees were not being paid on time and he delayed supplying as a result of limited cash flow.There was no place he could go to for cash to service his contracts under these circumstances, and the stress was becoming unsustainable for the business and for Emani.

Trattoria’s bar lounge. Image credits: Trattoria’s Google review page

However, because Emani had a good contract with a creditworthy (even if slow) buyer, BeneFactors Ltd. was able to provide the cash Emani needed within 5 working days. He was  then able to pay his employees on time and his business was able to continue as normal. This meant that he was able to focus on providing quality goods and services to his buyers without having to worry about his cash flow.

‘Working with BeneFactors LTD. has been the best experience! Much smoother and faster than traditional bank loans’- Emani

In the short-term Emani’s vision is to support and expand all his businesses. He wants to expand the café, solidify the bar and restaurant and tap into a new market for his catering business. Emani sees himself working with BeneFactors Ltd. as long as he continues to manage different businesses.

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